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Immaterial is a Virtual Reality puzzle game where the player uses their physical space to solve puzzles in the virtual world. Most puzzle games give the players a series of mechanics to solve the puzzles but in Immaterial the player exploits virtual reality to do the impossible. For example, a player can leave their controller on the ground or give it to someone else to be in two places at once. Immaterial also explores the disconnect between the virtual and physical space. Players are so immersed in their virtual surrounding they accept the virtual boundaries as if they were physical boundaries. In virtual reality, a locked door will not stop a player because they can walk through it. Virtual reality games have struggled to stop players from using these exploits to cheat in games but Immaterial embraces it.

Other Information

  • Exclusivity for the HTC Vive
  • Will be released on June 2nd on
  • Free to play
  • 20 – 40 minutes of game play with nine levels


John McIntyre — Designer/Producer

Nate Sievers — Lead Developer

James Fey — Artist Coordinator/Sound Engineer

Hiu-Chun Lo — Game Play Developer

Spenser Riebs — User test coordinator/UI Developer


Phil Zajic — Composer

Juan Castillo — 3D Artist

Kevin Wu — 3D Artist

Rainie Reed — 3D Artist

Spencer Butterfield — 3D Artist


Jon Kent

Gabriella Stefany

Nicole Maines


Reese Morgenstern

Alice Vu

Javier Juanillo


Contact us

Feel free to reach out to us via twitter @immaterialgame or email us at