Launch Trailer

Currently, we are Immaterial. Our team created a VR puzzle game/experience/showcase exploring the two spaces the player is occupying while engaged in a VR environment.



Our Team

Our team was brought together by the keen minded John McIntyre to work in a poorly ventilated, fish bowl-like, environment to bring to life a vision of a virtual reality game that embraced the medium in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Below is our official working credits that will expand when people feel like talking about themselves. We might even show our faces! Wouldn’t that be neat!


John McIntyre — Lead designer/producer

Nate Sievers — Lead developer

James Fey — Artist Coordinator/Sound Engineer

Hiu-Chun lo — Lead tester

Spenser Riebs — User test coordinator/UI Developer


Phil Zajic — Composer

Juan Castillo — 3D Artist

Kevin Wu — 3D Artist

Rainie Reed — 3D Artist

Spencer Butterfield — 3D Artist


Javier Juanillo

Reese Morgenstern

Alice Vu


Jøn Kent

Gabriella Stefany

Nicole Maines